Good Friday 3 April

I awoke soon after 8am and tried to Skype my mum but was unsuccessful. She was probably out spending our inheritance in some country or other! I lazed about a bit and then went into work via a plumbers supply shop where I had hoped to buy a drain hose for my washing machine. That too was unsuccessful although an assistant was most helpful and said she would get back to me if I texted her more details.

Choir practice was at 2pm so I had a bit of time to sort a few details. The rehearsal went well and I was able to pass on compliments from the previous night. Good Friday Passion Liturgy was at 3pm. All went extremely well. One person didn’t want my REPROACHES to end … she said it was so beautiful. I told her that she was supposed to feel reproached! The timing of pieces during the veneration and communion worked exactly.

After this liturgy I had a rehearsal with a soloist for Sunday, wrote some instrumental parts, and made sure that my own music for Sunday and for Easter Vigil was in order and complete. I also had to set up the keyboard and microphones for the Sunday ‘overflow’ Masses in the Higgins Hall. With so many things on my mind I forgot to leave out the music for the trumpeter to collect in the morning. Now I have to get up early to put it where I said I would!


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