Sunday 5 April

I spent much of Staurday at the beach and then went to church from about 5,30 pm to prepare the Easter Vigil. the first problem was that the microphones had vanished from the church. Panic!

I went to the office to see if the document I had prepared at home to assist the choir with the Exsultet has materialised. it had, so I copied it and went in search of microphones! I got sidetracked into further setting up equipment for the ‘overflow’ Sunday masses and then lost my keys. Panci!

I t dawned on me that the Hispanic community might have moved all the microphones to storage after they used them on Friday evening. Of course this is what they did in good spirit. However I did nt see it that way at the time! as to my lost keys I later found I had left these on the stage for the overflow Masses!

The rehearsal for the Easter Vigil went fine and indeed, apart from a few instances of the choir not thinking ahead and getting their music straight, they were fantastic!

The Vigil lasted 2.5 hours and was dramatic. Afterwards we adjourned to the Higgins Hall for cake and an Italian pizza-like delicacy which I really enjoyed so much that I took some extra slices for breakfast. I got to bed 15 minutes after midnight and arose 5 hours later for the Dawn Mass at 6am.

I was astonished to see about 200 folk at the Mass. The place was in darkness but I had a piano, a cantor, a portable light and headset microphones so all was well. It was great to sing ‘Morning has broken’ in an appropriate setting.

The following four Masses went well and I was really surprised to find so many of the choir returning unexpected for the 11am Mass.

I had received a few invites for easter dinner but I was so tired that I declined these and went instead to a bar and food soon followed. I fell asleep back home and awoke around 9pm and now will go to bed.

Happy Easter, everyone!

The following day


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