Thursday 16 April

Sunday’s operations were more extended than usual. What some call ‘Low Sunday’ is no relaxation … after what is usually my last of four ‘morning’ masses there was a Divine Mercy Holy Hour. Having played the wrong tune for what I thought was a familiar hymn last time this time I made sure and jotted down what someone sang as it was not in the book! I quite enjoyed it and improvised at length during various processions.

There were no instrumentalists available this weekend but since the Holy Hour ended around 3pm I adjourned for a super meal at a nearby Cuban restaurant. Revitalised I was then able to return to the office and work a while until the evening Mass beckoned.

In the evening I booked my flights for the trips in June to New Orleans.

With Confirmations looming on Saturday I decided to work on Monday and managed to get a lot done, particularly re the music schedule for the school masses. On Tuesday I arrived at midday for a Seniors lunch. It’s great when a parish group provides food for staff! In the afternoon I rehearsed with the school for tomorrow’s Mass.

After the Mass I waited to rehearse with a Cantor who did not materialise. There was a liturgy meeting during which we discussed the possible scenarios for the celebrations of Fr Tom’s time here as Pastor. This meeting was followed by a birthday celebration staff lunch … another free dinner! Towards the end of the afternoon it became clear that Fr Tom’s leaving Masses would take place when I was in New Orleans! At least I had already booked a good musician to cover for me.

Choir practice that evening was great and we achieved a lot in terms of preparation for the Confirmations.

In the evening I adjourned to a bar and later had a glass of wine and fell asleep!


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