Friday 24 April

It’s been a busy time of late as you can guess by the gap in transmissions!

The confirmations on Saturday went very well and the choir surpassed themselves. The real demand on them was to keep ‘background’ music going during the half hour of anointings but we managed with music to spare.

The weekend music also went to plan leaving Monday as a welcome day off. Monday was cloudy so I visited an oral surgeon to check out possibilities with my impacted wisdom tooth. I was amazed to be able to get an appointment within the hour and extraction and adding to the bone was the recommendation. This would not be as expensive as some of my dental work but since it was not necessary at the moment I decided to leave it a while.

On Tuesday I became so engrossed in my work that I almost overlooked the rehearsal with the school. Fortunately I managed to get there on time however and all was well. By the end of the day I was able to leave at a reasonable hour with many of my tasks completed.

Wednesday began as usual with the School Mass after which I met Marty Purtell who would stand in for me during my holiday in New Orleans.  We adjourned for coffee and the chance to discuss all manner of things with another musician was appreciated. By !pm I was able to take a break and went home returning for choir at 6pm.

I took Thursday as a day off this week. It promised to be sunny in the morning so I adjourned to the beach and within an hour the heavens opened. I found shelter and sat there checking my emails for a while. Time passed and so did the clouds so I returned to the beach for what was to be a beautiful day.

On Friday I had decided to move furniture. The task was to combine the music equipment office in the church with the music library. By 10am I had devised a plan and shelving units and their contents were moved from the library to the mezzanine to make room for the sound equipment. With help from the husband of one of my singers we completed the task by 1pm. Simultaneously a technician had worked on the revoicing of the organ. He is something of an expert from out of state and I made aware that he was in the area anyway I managed to book him to visit us. His visit was well worthwhile as besides doing what I’d he also managed to ascertain that 3 speaker channels did not function and that one cabinet had blown.

As I type now it is Saturday morning and I am beginning to feel an ache in my back from all the removals yesterday!


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