Sunday 24 May

Last Monday was a day off so I lugged the kayak down from the 3rd floor to my car and I must say it is getting easier each time. I managed to get to the launch site near For Desoto before 9am and then paddled off. It took me longer to get to the first pit stop as there was an adverse current. After a brief rest of Shell Key I continued to the unnamed sandbar where I stayed for much of the day. The sea came in a bit more than the last time I was there and so, fearing a return of the early evening storms I set off early on the return leg. Just as well as the tides had switched and it was even longer on the return.

Back in Tampa I headed for Charan’s Bar for a couple before going home and to bed.

Tuesday I was awoke early for a dentist appointment to get a gold onlay re-fitted as it had come out while chewing gum on the kayak. I also took back my partial for re-modelling. In work by 9am I prepared stuff for Pentecost and also for the Graduation Mass next week. I had to collect my partial again from the dentist at 4pm so it was a short day in work.

Wednesday was a heavy work day but I managed to get ahead with things. At choir practice the retired musician from Christ the King, Marty Purtell joined the choir and after choir we went for a drink and chat.

I had planned to go in only briefly on Thursday but the sound check meeting in the church took longer than I had imagined it would so it was 1pm before I was relaxing on the beach. I returned that evening to tidy up the apartment for my birthday celebration dinner the following day.

My birthday started badly when I realised that £25k had been removed from one of my UK investment accounts. There was a logical explanation but it would be silly of me to exacerbate the situation by mentioning that Halifax Bank had incorrectly recorded my current address which caused my ignorance of the possible result. On Tuesday I expect to hear from them how they will induce my amnesia in the whole matter!

The previous episode occupied me for 5 hours following which I did a memorial service for a guy who championed reclaimed water for Florida and whose memory made my heart sing of care of the environment.

Then I cooked/prepared a meal for some great work colleagues at my pad. I did a Christmas Dinner with a preamble of Pimms, smoked salmon in a water cress salad with horse radish-infused creme fraiche. The main course was Turkey roasted in an orange and nutmeg butter served with roast potatoes, parsnips in honey and thyme, carrots in cumin and washed down with a St Emilion. Desert comprised a light lemon torte with vanilla ice cream, washed down with Crown Imperial Cognac.

Friends who have experienced my reports of Yorkshire 2 Iona family group meetings will recognise my gastronomic delight!

We finished near midnight and I awoke in an armchair at 5am! Saturday morning was very relaxed as I did not have to be in until 3pm for the Vigil Masses for Pentecost.

During the night  one of my choir had messaged me that since it was Memorial Holiday weekend we might sing something patriotic. I checked with the oracle who suggested not and advised me that I must ensure that the 11am mass went well but could tell me no detail. it transpired that the Bishop was paying an unexpected visit to that Mass! He was on good form and seemed happy to be with us. The final Mass of the morning included some adult confirmations conducted by another priest! Following this I joined him for a natter and what passed vaguely as food at a Wendyburger.

I stayed on and worked a while before the evening Mass in which I served as Cantor and accompanist aided wonderfully by a young trumpeter.

A happy Pentecost it was and I returned home content and watched a 50th anniversary concert by the Beach Boys! I would be skyping mum in the morning.


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