Saturday 30 May

This week has been great. Monday was a national holiday, Memorial Day in which citizens remember their war dead … a bit like our Remembrance Sunday. I was not able to Skype my mum as she was having technical challenges but I did manage to Skype telephone call her. I spent the rest of the day at the beach but without the kayak as I was late starting off after tidying the apartment after my birthday bash.

Tuesday was a work day until about 5.30pm. I heard later that at the time I left a call had gone out to all staff to meet the Deacon to help him unload our new Pastor’s belongings from a truck just arrived from Miami. I also heard that the heavens opened as they were doing this. Fortunately I was marooned down the road in a Goodwill store.

Wednesday’s school Mass was presided over by a visiting priest from Australia. It was the last Mass with the 8th graders who would be graduating on Friday. After the Mass I headed for the beach again returning in the late afternoon for final preparation for choir practice. This went really well and there was a full attendance!

Thursday (a transferred day off) I awoke and left early with kayak strapped to the car roof and headed for Fort Desoto and Shell Key. It was a beautiful day and the currents were not as strong as last time so my back did not suffer so much. Later that evening I was at Charan’s where a new cider was being offered.

Friday was  a real day off so I headed to the beach until just after noon, wtched a film and then went to work as this evening would b the Graduation Mass. I had 16 singers turn up and they were wonderful. as a tribute to the departing Graduates I sang solo ‘Go peaceful’, a great song by Paul Field. He won hearts over at last summer’s NNPM in Chester and Greenbelt Festival in Leicester. Google it!

I awoke early this morning. I managed to Skype Paul Inwood and get a few household chores completed. The news said June starts the ‘hurricane season’. I’m worried but although there have been some ferocious storms here they have not really had serious hurricanes for 8 years.


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