Friday 14 August

Last weekend was a real humdinger! We celebrated the patronal feast at all Masses but the 11am mass was the main one. We had Hispanic choir and instrumentalists join those from other Masses and sing alongside the Parish Choir. I had constructed a music menu that was truly bilingual. Despite the fact that there was some obvious misunderstanding s in the worship aid the whole thing was a great success. I had to play a further Mass while all others went over for the Barbecue. I loved the irony that on a day in which celebrate a saint who said to his killers ‘turn me over, I’m done on this side’ we celebrate with a bbq! I was able to join them after the Mass as it was still going strong.

I remained during the afternoon to catch up on some admin. In the evening I visited the Long Bar briefly and then home. Monday was a day off and I spent it at the beach until it started raining!

I spent much of Tuesday, after physio, composing new settings of the two psalms for the Assumption Masses. I then prepared various documents for the Cantors so that the evening session with them would be effective. In the evening I responded to information from one of my choir that Publix was doing a promotion on cider and root beer. Needless to say I was attracted by the smell of a bargain!

On Wednesday we had a Liturgy Meeting in which I was able to introduce some ideas for a bereavement service I had toured in Hallam. Following this we had a staff lunch with great food provided. We usually celebrate staff birthdays at this gathering but they had forgotten my own!

During the afternoon I visited a local music store to check out equipment for a local funeral home.

On Thursday, after physio, I popped in for a funeral and then went home. It rained again.

Today was a day off but I spent most of it in the apartment catching up on some correspondence and washing/ironing. In the evening I went in for the Vigil of the Assumption. The weekend would be a long one as in addition to the usual weekend Masses there were also Assumption Masses on Saturday at 8am and 12.15pm. I would need to get some good sleep tonight.


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