Tuesday 25 August

Last week began with a visit to the physio and thankfully the doctor again reduced my frequency of visits to just once a week. Long workdays characterised this last week on both Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday I was able to go home earlier and sort a few things. I visited another branch of bank of America where, unlike my own branch, I was really impressed by the staff and their efficiency and politeness. In the course of the visit I became a member of the human race … The USA has recognized me finally as a resident alien and my credit card application has been approved after so many refusals. Don’t they recognize a man of distinction, a real big spender, when they admit them?

The doctor also advised that I could resume using my kayak so on Friday I was out there for the first time since the car accident. I spent a great day at Caladesi island beating the storms just in time to discover the Oldsmar Brass Tap and the newly opened Tampa Bay Brewery bar. Later I returned to the old faithful Charan’s bar. Not looking forward to lugging the kayak up three floors, I decided to leave it strapped to the car roof, intent on using it again on Monday.

On Saturday I had a morning funeral so I stayed around to do some work in the office before beginning the usual weekend vigil Masses. While working I was delighted to be able to receive a skype from Steve and Carol, friends from my teaching days in North London. Sunday was a day of more Masses and a rest before the evening Mass.

On Monday 24/8 I was up early and driving back towards Caladesi Island. The water was very calm but the temperatures soared. Fortunately a breeze picked up in the afternoon and I stayed till after 4pm. During the day I had lunched on a healthy option of nuts. Unfortunately one of them broke another tooth or at least the side of it. Moments later I cut my foot on some glass on the beach! Back on terra firma I washed the wound and washed my hair getting so much soap in my eyes that I could not drive for ages. I stopped briefly at the local Goodwill store and bought nothing … and then at the local Publix convenience store … I had received a tip off that there was a promotion of cider so I bought 60 cans! At Charan’s I got into a great conversation with a Mary and Jim and came home feeling mellow.

This morning (Tuesday) I was back at the physio and the main man took charge of manipulating my neck trying to free its movement further. No amount of ‘it’s good for you’ can compensate for the anxiety of having your neck pulled in a direction it has never visited in its 57 years!

Back home this evening I was really pleased to receive a postcard from my good friend Ali. It was a beach view from Tynemouth. Seemed a touch ironical!


One thought on “Tuesday 25 August

  1. Still enjoying your “Letter from America” though you seem to have more mishaps than Alistair Cooke! We have had a week of tremendous thunder storms interspersed by grey heaviness – I hope you are not missing the English summer. Every blessing.


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