Monday 16 November

10 days since I last blogged so here goes.

Saturday 7 November started with a funeral and continued with some time in the office before the two vigil Masses.

Sunday in Uk would have been Remembrance Day but here in USA we pre-empted Veterans ay (11 Nov).

Monday started with a visit to the dentist to take impressions for the implant that I have been awaiting since January. Over here you can get an implant in a day. in India I came across something similar. When I returned to India the following year I heard the complaints that the implant had fallen out. The process in USA is expensive but they are so frightened of being sued that things are very good. The fixture has been in my jaw for some moths now and so at the end of November the tooth will be screwed into the fixture. my only regret is that I inadvertently paid for a temporary tooth. this would have satisfied me if I had a great self-awareness about my appearance but quite frankly I don’t and the additional $600 which would have been a requirement for so many here was a waste of money!

I continued into work for another funeral and then let for my day off.

Tuesday was spent in the office and in the evening I was happy to be able to eventually speak with Canon Kevin who had invited me to provide some formation in Ontario, Canada. There were no real surprises – time with seminarians on Friday before Saturday’s Music day consisting of a plenary address, introduction to the music of Bernadette Farrell and the iona Community and a closing worship involving the washing of feet – until he asked me to preach on the Sunday!

Wednesday, which was a day off for my colleagues, started with the school Mass and continued woth loads of admin leading to choir practice. I feel really flattered that one retired musician has joined the choir here. His presence is a real affirmation for me.

Thursday and Friday became DAYS OFF.  I spent Thursday with Mike and Helen. I met them initially in Goa, India and we subsequently became friends. They own several properties in Spain and Canaries so over the years I have patronised these. They had sent the last week in New York and were now exploring m area of Florida.  I went to meet them in Indian Rocks Beach which I did not know. We had a couple of wines before enjoying the beach and then a bar and a restaurant.

I took my kayak to Fort Desoto on Friday. Normally I would have saved myself $5 by parking at an earlier spot and rowing further. Today I thought I would try rowing from the North Beach of Fort Desoto. In the morning the journey was easy but the wind picked up considerably during the afternoon and so I rowed for shore sooner than sunset.

Saturday was the final day of the sales at the local Office Depot which was closing. of course I was there when it opened and grabbed a bargain of 27,000 paper cups. They are normally £230 per box and they were on sale at £30 per box. I approached the manager and got the lot for £15 per box! I saved my employers $1500! BARGAIN!

Sunday was the usual work day and in the evening I started to write the homily I was to present in Canada next week.

I awoke on Monday at 6am and after breakfast continued to script my sermon and by 10.30am I had sent it out to various friends for comment.

By 11am I was on the beach and by 4pm I was in the local supermarket taking advantage of a promotion on Guinness!

This evening, after several ales with friends, I have watched X-Factor and feel my life is complete …. NOT





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