Wednesday 18 November

After a pleasant day off on Monday I now had to go full steam to get everything ready at work so that I could leave to go to Canada. All the stuff for my time there was completed but I needed to ensure all was OK for St Lawrence.

I’m sure I am not alone in thinking that going away on holiday is sometimes more trouble than it is worth. It is so much easier to do the job yourself that leave it to be done by someone else. For so many of my colleagues when they take time off the work simply does not get done and nor does it have to be so there is no need to have someone else do it. This is not the same for the church musician.

fortunately I had some good musicians standing in for me but even then I feel that I don’t want to leave them with any questions outstanding.

So Tuesday was ‘that kind of day’ which ended with a presentation by two university profs about climate change and us. Unfortunately it was more about climate change and less about the responsibility we can exert. Perhaps that is the common malaise.

On Wednesday we had the usual School Mass after which I continued to work on preparations for choir practice and writing parts for instrumentalists. Choir practice went well and I returned home content that as much as could be done had been done.

I just had to pack!



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