Friday 1 January 2016

Monday started a strange week in which most of my work colleagues continued their disappearing acts whilst I soldiered on with liturgical demands.

Now that the weekend was completed I was able to spend Monday and Tuesday relaxing at the beach and then going in for a funeral on the Monday evening and the wedding anniversary Mass of one of my singers. During the latter Vivian sang Edith Piaf’s Hymne a l’Amour to her husband! Two of her pupils also sang Pie Jesu by Lloyd Webber, an odd choice you might think, and you’d be right!

On Wednesday I was able to spend a few hours at the beach before venturing to work to prepare for choir practice. I had agreed with publishers OCP to pilot a new psalm resource. In the office I looked at the psalm for Epiphany and decided to re-write the accompaniment and some of the vocal rhythms. we then struggled to learn it so I provided a recording the next day.

Thursday was a housework day and then I went in to prepare the Vigil Mass for the Mother of God celebrations. The Pastor preached at this Mass and those the following day. He did a great job with the Aaronic blessing and was impressed by the ‘New Years Eve’ organ piece by Bach with 365 notes placed over 12 bars! Less impressed was one family by Messiaen’s Le Verbe from La Nativite. Their youngest child declared it was ripped off from some cartoon character’s theme music!

A recent parishioner approached me with a request to get involved with a recording project of the music of Stefan Grappelli and Django Rheinhart. I would definitely consider this when the request is put in writing!

I visited the ‘front Porch’ during the afternoon which I had previously found to be closed. Today it offered a great welcome of fine beer and food. Then I dropped closer to home and sampled further delights at Charann’s Bar and at the Longbar.

My sleep on New Years Eve had been hugely disturbed by the explosive fireworks all across the Bay. I was delighted that my next night’s sleep was better, if alcohol induced!


One thought on “Friday 1 January 2016

  1. Happy 2016 Philip and may all your deeper desires grow to fruition. Florida does seem to be treating you well and though I miss you this side of the pond, I am glad that all is working out. Don’t work too hard!

    Here battle daily with torrential rain and winds. It is heart-breaking for Cumbria and the surrounding areas where they have really experienced the horror of floods in their extreme. Everywhere is sodden but the daffodils are flourishing. Perhaps by the time you get here the winter in its truest sense will have arrived… cold, dry and frosty days would go down very well – even snow would be a welcome change!

    I hope when you travel everything goes to plan – I suspect we will not get to see one another which is sad but my diary and your diary are probably too complicated to even try.

    Hopefully we will speak soon either by Skype or phone but in the meantime enjoy the remainder of the Christmas period and get all that preparation for Lent sorted before you leave.

    Much love, Sarah xx


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