Friday 8 January

Happy New Year, once again!

The last weekend went smoothly enough. I caused something of a mild sensation by being able to complete a post-communion meditation song during the sermon. I’ve being doing this for a while. I listen to the sermon and then sketch words and melody for what I then sing/play as a post-communion meditation. this time the priest even prompted me to do it so I played a version at the end of his homily. He has alluded to an old song ‘Looking for love in all the wrong places’ and since this was Epiphany it seemed relevant. It was a remarkable Mass in which the priest got close to the boundary into entertainment!

At the end of Mass I played Bach’s C major Prelude (and Fugue) which I have always associated with Epiphany. I was happy to still be able to play this. During one playing my lawyer appeared at the organ intent on passing on some information about my case (car crash). He seemed impervious to the fact that I was making such a racket and so I didn’t catch a word of it.

Over the weekend we also did a psalm from the Pilot project of OCP. I ended up singing most of the verses but was delighted with the choir’s response at the 11am.

On Monday morning continued working on the eulogy for Bill Hayward and completed my UK tax return. I was delighted to receive the news that they owed me £4.5k! I went into work around midday on Monday as I knew I would need time to prepare for my departure. During the day one of my colleagues gave me a bottle of Bols gin! So in return I took two colleagues out for lunch. In the evening I offered ‘Sing out Epiphany’ at which folk gathered to sing carols and to reflect on any thoughts I put before them. Not so many folk attended but I picked up perhaps three new choir members!

On Tuesday I was hard-pressed  to produce the song sheets for the School Masses in January. The particular difficulty was that I’d be absent for two of them and had to create something that was doable by the cover musician. Fortunately all was completed in time for me to lead a rehearsal at 2pm.

On Wednesday I di the school Mass and then met with my lawyer to sign various forms relating to the car crash. There was a reasonably large cheque but I don’t think I’ll see much of this after the legals have taken their cut! I went home to relax for a while before returning at 2.30pm to prepare for choir practice. it would be a tough one as I needed to get through the next three weeks’ music. There was a welcome drink at the bar after I’d left at 10pm!

On Thursday I took my car in to be serviced and then joined two choir members who were helping create the new Music Library. We expanded our footprint in the upper room and it was looking great when I left to collect my car. Then I headed to the beach briefly before joining friends at the bar. I took with me 60 25c coins which had been taking up space in my kitchen. This caused people to take pity on me as they imagined I might be a well-dressed beggar. I struggled to spend the coins as so many people bought me drinks!

I awoke this morning to the news that my brother Richard had lost his job. he’d had to endure stressful relations with management for a while so he was able to view this as a release! I hope he finds as bright a future as I have.

I spent the morning trying to sort a rough schedule of things I must do next week when I visit UK. I will meet up with family in the London area but also speak the eulogy at the funeral of Sir William Hayward in Shrewsbury Abbey. After that I will head to Sheffield for 2 days before returning to London. I fly on Monday so perhaps today is the only day when I can think about washing clothes and packing. I’ll start now.




One thought on “Friday 8 January

  1. Have a safe trip Phil and get some relaxation as well as all the travelling. Sorry to hear about Richard, but if he is anything like his brother he will soon find the right place for his talents to emerge. Will be thinking of you as your roam England. Take care xx


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