Monday 8 February

Last Thursday I did some stuff around the house including type the previous blog and in the afternoon I drove for an appointment with my lawyer to finalise things after my accident last May in which I was ‘rear-ended’ by a young driver. 10 minutes from his office I had to ring to say that I’d be delayed because another driver had rear-ended me! The lawyer could not believe it.

I was in stationary traffic when the guy behind me hit me at low speed. I wasn’t sure what had happened at first but got out to see that I had been impacted. he was Hispanic but I speak Spanish so he was a little astonished when I disagreed with his assertion that he had not hit me! I asked for his details and he refused. Fortunately two cars back was a Police officer who took control immediately. having obtained the paperwork from her I was Ok to leave and attend my meeting.

At the lawyers I was shown the final statement and was amazed that a bill from the physio of $3000 could be reduced to $600 by the lawyers. What is the real price of anything?

I then went to work to set up the music equipment and amplification for Friday’s Grandparents’ Mass in Higgins Hall. Then I was free to visit Charann’s.

On Friday I was in early for the Mass which went well and was attended by about 1000 persons. I managed to get the gear back to the church and was then free for the rest of the day. I banked some cheques, got signed up with a new doctor (the previous one had done a runner!) and did some shopping. In the afternoon it was really sunny albeit a bit chilly so I did some reading on the balcony and then joined folk at the bar.

On Saturday I went into work around 1pm and did some preparation work for the round of weekend Masses. The Vigil ones went well and Sunday was similarly OK. the 9.30am Mass also celebrated the parish Scouts and later the parish Knights of St Columba who won the Diocesan ‘Fish fry’. The choir sang really well at the 11am Mass and we completed the last of the Sundays of the OCP Pilot project for contemporary psalms and Gospel Greetings. At the 1230 Mass 7 folk were confirmed by the Pastor.

I returned home during the afternoon to watch Chelsea draw with Man Utd and then returned for the evening Mass. That evening I also booked a week’s accommodation on Sanibel Island about three hours’ drive south of Tampa. I’ll be there at the end of June.

On Monday, which would normally be a day off, I went into work to create a song sheet for the School Masses during the whole of Lent. I also composed a new piece for the Distribution of Ashes. my work was interrupted at one stage by a conversation relating to a wedding this forthcoming weekend about which I knew nothing. I rang both parties and they were delighted to hear from me (we realised that they had been given an incorrect spelling of my name in the email address!). Within an hour the bride-to-be was in my office and we were able to sort everything amicably.

I ended the day at Charann’s (where else?) and retired home checking my mailbox before entering the apartment. A good while ago I had been part of the Wild Goose Coolective which recorded numbers from the ‘Enemy of Apathy’ collection of John Bell and Graham Maule.  The reslting CD had arrived!  didn’t feel up to listening to it just yet and, finding  my armchair, relaxed for a nibble and a few episodes of Antiques Roadshow!


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