Tuesday 9 February

It’s only one day from my last post so why am I posting again so soon? Well,  am waiting for the fish to thaw and needed to do something. moreover tonight is significant for me and many Christians. tomorrow we begin Lent and whatever practices that may imply. Tonight is the night on which you have a blow out. For some it is merely pancakes but for me it was a good drink and a large meal which is now in preparation.

So today started at 9am in the office where among other things I tried to produce a music book for the school Mass musicians. Unfortunately the copier had other ideas and stopped after one copy. we called the technician and he arrived during the afternoon.

When I arrived this morning I was surprised to hear voices from my office. It turned out to be Clyde underneath my desk fitting a sliding computer keyboard shelf. This gave me the chance to do some filing while he finished. Then I set about preparing the menu for Ash Wednesday parish Masses. I finished the composition of an antiphon and psalm for the distribution of ashes. I also managed to get ahead with the music menu for the forthcoming weekend. Most staff left at one point to celebrate FAT TUESDAY  but I decided against eating a load of desserts and stayed in the office. there was a liturgical song practice with the school in mid afternoon and then I dashed off a quick arrangement of a piece I want to do this weekend and clocked out around 4pm heading for Charann’s Bar. I enjoyed my last beers for a while and returned home to watch fr brown and Doc Martin. Happy Mardi Gras to all!


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