Thursday 11 February

Wednesday began with School Mass at which we introduced a lot of new music for the new season. After that I had a really good meeting with our deacon regarding forthcoming liturgies. Then I had a midday Mass for Ash Wednesday which gave me a chance to try out my new piece for the distribution of ashes, a setting of the antiphon with Psalm 51 (USA NUMBERING.)

I had my first appointment with a new doctor at 1.30pm. I should never have worried about the Mass possibly making me late. He saw me at 3.40pm! In the event he was very good at listening and responded in all the right ways. I was pleased to find that my heart is in good nick but not so pleased that he has recommended a particular investigation for bowel cancer. Apparently its part of the preventative approach to spot these things early and he promises that this will be good for 10 years!

I then returned to work and did the final prep for choir practice and the evening Mass. Both went well and I was delighted that so many singers turned up for the 7pm Mass. In the rehearsal we did more work on Paul Inwood’s Holy Year Song and on Marty Haugen’s ‘Be with me Lord’ which I love but have not visited for years. We also continued working on D’Evry’s ‘O sacrum convivium’.

On Thursday I rose early as I had a long session at the dentist in order to prep 5 teeth for crowns. I had had similar work done in UK but they had failed to remove the decay! I spent over 3 hours with my mouth wide open and now I can feel the pain which the anaesthetic masked! Then I enquired about having a wisdom tooth extracted only t find that I had maxed out on my dental insurance. The $1500 I paid for the crowns might have been $5k had it not been for my employment insurance.

Continuing the insurance theme I then went for an x-ray of my spine following last week’s accident. That was all done after an hour’s wait and I then took my car to be inspected after the accident. There was not much damage apparent but the insurance insisted that they inspect it and make good any damage. I was delighted as they gave me a Nissan Sentra as a hire car. Quite posh really!

Back home I cooked an aloo gobi for the first time in USA. Then coincidentally I got a message from my Danish friends holidaying in my beloved Agonda, Goa. Weird synchronicity!

Anyhow must take some painkillers and try to sleep.



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