Friday 11 March

Another long gap since the last post. I have been busy!

On Wednesday 2 March I began with School Mass and then dashed off for a session of physio returning to work after that and remaining until choir practice later that evening.

I had Thursday off having already completed my hours and went to the beach. The following day I would return to Fort Desoto. I had taken my Scottish friends there for a  kayaking experience in my new car but as I reported earlier I decided that I needed to do something radical about the Heath-Robinson kayak rack. I went to a hardware store on Thursday and bought some straps, convinced that the ratchet straps were too effective and were adding too much torque to the roof bars and creating too much noise in transit!

The result was a great improvement as I ventured out on Friday after more physio and an assessment with Dr Shepherd. I returned to Fort Desoto as I knew I had a music publishers showcase at the nearby cathedral that evening. I was still not entirely confident but I had seen an advert on Craigslist for a kayak rack and decided to pursue it.

The event at the cathedral began with a welcome fish’n’chips supper which was free and nicely prepared my stomach for the event. It was not quite what I had imagined but was worthwhile. There was some material which was dodgy theologically but most was OK. My predecessor at St Lawrence was there so I ventured a chat with him and was able to break the ice. It is always difficult when you, as successor, have played no part in decisions directly affecting one’s predecessor.

On Saturday I went into work quite early and then broke off to meet the vendor of a kayak rack at Starbucks. The vendor was a lovely chap and full of useful advice.

I returned to work for the evening Masses. After the second I asked a young parishioner to help me fit the racks. Unfortunately he completely undid one assembly and I couldn’t get it sorted again. This would have to wait until daylight!

Sunday followed the usual pattern except that I went to the beach during what was a beautiful afternoon.

At work we have a new system for recording our hours. I clock in and out on my mobile phone. Or rather I should do. I keep forgetting to do it and end up having to go cap in hand to our administrator. She assures me that I am not alone in this but I’m not sure!

On the Monday I took my day off with my kayak. I managed to get it fixed onto the roof easily enough but it took me longer to get the kayak loaded because I didn’t read the instructions carefully enough and had to start over again! I had a great day out at the sandbar and even managed to see an amazing sunset there. Then I headed for Bill Jackson’s Adventure Shop where I had been told, I would find anything for the kayak enthusiast. I found a lockable steel impregnated strap to secure the kayak to the roofbars. This means that it is now safe for me to leave the kayak locked to the car without fear of it being easily stolen. Kayak theft is big business here.

On Tuesday I was back at the physio and then work for only 6 hours. I had a doctor’s appointment and would probably return after that. as it turned out I again waited over 2 hours to be seen so I made sure to mention as many things as possible. I got the results of my blood tests which determined that my chorestemol was high enough (and unaffected by the last month’s diet) to warrant medication. So he prescribed a mild statin to start with. In the same visit he also burned off two skin warts which I was relieved were not cancerous. Before I left for my appointment I had been leading a singing rehearsal with the school which was hampered by what appeared to b a migraine attack. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and I don’t suppose this helped but the doctor chose to prescribe again tablets which I would take in the event of an attack. It was 6.30pm when I left the surgery so I did not go back to work and went home instead.

On Wednesday I began with the usual school mass and then had a Triduum meeting with Deacon Cris. We were later joined by the assistant priest and we lost focus somewhat. After lunch I set about amending the worship aids I had prepared and did some work on the choir practice. Unfortunately the printer could not cope with my demands and our earlier meeting reconvened in the early evening. It was then that I was informed that there was a desire for a bilingual Easter Vigil in part. All this just 2 weeks from the event!

Choir practice was great and we did some more work on the Hallelujah chorus and Stainer’s God so loved the world.

Thursday began with a visit to the dentist for a filling and to take possession of a gum shield so that my new array of crowns do not damage the lower teeth while I sleep. After this I returned home for a meeting with a tax assessor whom someone in a local bar had recommended. He was a good guy and took papers away and would get back to me shortly.

I was in work by 1030 and had plenty to do. By the end of the day I had managed to sort Easter Vigil draft 1! I stopped at Goodwill and bought a signed R.E. Renmark!

Today began with more physio. My lower back was suffering more than my neck this morning so I was grateful that it was also the day for an assessment. By noon I was back at Fort Desoto where the water was a bit choppy initially but a lovely day followed. It was very calm when I left at sunset. I decided not to go out and enjoyed a film, some home-made fish and chips and catching up with the log.

My back still hurts but it has been a good day. Thank you, God!



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