Friday 18 March

I did produce a blog last week but it failed to upload to facebook so if you want to read it you’d better go straight to wordpress! I hope I am luckier with this one.

The week before Holy Week is always a bit of a heavy one and this was no exception. It became clear that the powers that be requested a more bilingual feel to the Holy Week liturgies and that in place of only 3 Old Testament readings they wished for all seven. I was delighted by the decision though dismayed by the late timing of it. I had already planned the music and orders of service so these needed to be adapted a little as the week went on

The weekend was full of Masses as it usually is but in addition there was a morning rehearsal for the Chrism Mass at the cathedral and a wedding in the evening.

The wedding was interesting in that the church was turned into a florist’s shop as the altar and other artefacts disappeared under a sea of floribunda.

I spent much of Monday at the beach. It was a lovely day and  knew this might be my last real day off for a while.

On Tuesday after the physio visit I had a meeting about forthcoming confirmations in mid-April. The rest of the day was spent close to the photocopier producing what the Americans call ‘worship aids’. The first, Palm Sunday, was easy but the later Triduum celebrations were substantial booklets. Unfortunately our photocopier would pause after 26 booklets so that you could empty the tray before starting on the next batch. Fortunately my office is closer to the machine and I could hear it stop and dash out to do the necessary. It did mean that all other work was somewhat sporadic or disjointed.

Tuesday was an 11 hour day and Wednesday was 14 hours. By the end of Wednesday I had completed Holy Thursday and Good Friday. Choir practice was a lot of fun and very productive. I had also been able to produce a revised music copy for Easter Vigil so we looked at that once we had completed the tasks relating to the weekend.

On Thursday I started work on Easter Vigil booklets and managed to get 400 done by lunchtime. In the meantime I had also met with the Pastor and discussed my proposals for music for the whole Easter season.

The week would not be complete without an appointment with a doctor so I had one  to discuss some preventative measures recommended by the health insurance company. I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing by the pool and then in the evening joined friends to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

Friday began with a headache and a visit to the physio before returning to the office to complete the last batch of worship aids. At midday I had a funeral which was attended by hundreds of folk.

A couple of hours were spent by the pool and then I completed this blog and prepared a meal and set about a basketful of ironing!



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