Sunday 14 May

The month of May began with the usual routines but the knowledge that I’d be going on vacation on 11 May. It really should not be so difficult to prepare everything so that my absence is not enough to cause meltdown but there is so much to get done. I managed to arrange two musicians to cover for me, sent them the music they would need and rehearsed the choir and cantors so that all would be easier for the cover musicians.

On top of this preparation there were weddings and funerals to prepare. I received a phone call from a singer who wanted to rehearse with me for a wedding. This was the first I knew of this and the wedding was a week later. I can’t go into the detail here but I could see it was going to be a train crash but managed to pull things together.

On Wednesday 3 May I led what was for me the best choir practice so far. I had decided to teach Oomen’s ‘I shall be living’. I spent an hour beforehand learning the piano part which is not easy and then once I’d rehearsed the music for the next Sunday we started on the dutch piece. The concentration of the choir was impressive and an hour later we were able to sing through the whole piece. It was a great achievement and I was really proud of them.

A week later the night before my vacation we looked at the piece again and much had been remembered. We also looked at the music for the next two Sundays. Back home I packed my things and poured a dram to celebrate the start of my vacation.

Early the next morning I drove off and 2 hours later I was in Titusville having breakfast. Soon after I visited the beach which was just beautiful and spent the day there. In the evening I checked into my airbnb and cooked a pizza. The following day I drove 25 mins to the beach at Cape Canaveral and after a day visited the Irish Pub for beer with fish’n’chips.

Saturday was a cloudier day and at 3pm I left the beach and headed off to visit a nearby buddhist monastery, It was very peaceful and impressive. I bumped into one of the monks and together we spoke about meditation which we agreed was  necessary to all denominations. He agreed ‘it was beyond religion’. After a wash I headed for the local church for Mass. It was not a good experience.  The liturgy of the day played second fiddle to Mothers’ Day and the Fatima centenary. After Mass I adjourned to the local PlayaLinda brewery. 10 of the taps had been given over to Cigar City brewery which is in Tampa! I tried a few and then drove home where I dialled a taxi to return to the brewery and consume some more. The streets in the centre of town were closed and given over to a fair. Three beers later I was back in a taxi with a pizza.

Sunday morning found me on the beach again. It was a very hot day and I stayed till 6pm and headed home for the rest of the pizza and a few beers. Tomorrow I would attempt to renew my driving licence again.



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