Saturday 27 May

Since I last wrote I continued to enjoy my time away in Titusville with excellent weather, fine beer from Playalinda brewery and much rest.

One notable memory was seeing the same fisherman catch two bull sharks on the beach on consecutive days. I think he must have had the whole family! It didn’t stop me getting back in sea for a swim!

Also noteworthy was being shown around Eaden House (I was staying in Eaden Cottage) an early 1900s 2-bed residence with period furniture. Nobody had rented it the whole time I was there but it was stunning.

It was straight back to work on my return.First I had to address the fact that the first stage of my application for a green card had been approved. Now I had to complete various forms and send off a cheque for $1300!

Unexpectedly I had a rehearsal with a singer for a wedding and thankfully she was rather good. The choir on Sunday were wonderful and kind enough to remember my birthday the following day. Falling on a Monday it was a day off. I was not feeling too well in the morning but ventured to the beach during the afternoon. In the early evening I uberred to the bar where I stayed too long enjoying the generosity of the locals. I uberred back around 1130pm but cannot recall much else.

Tuesday morning came too quickly and with a reminder that drink is the devil. Work was rather slow as a result! Three days later I discovered that I had been the model of decorum and had even risen to defend a female fellow customer when she was being harassed by an idiot.

The following day was the last School Mass with the 8th Graders. At the end of Communion I sang Paul Field’s ‘Go peaceful’ much to the tearful delight of the parents. After a bit of admin I retreated to the beach and then returned to work for choir practice during which we focussed on ‘I shall be living’ and Hallelujah Chorus for Pentecost Sunday.

Thursday was a full on work day leading to Friday which was a day off until about 5pm when I went in to do the final preparations for the School Graduation Mass. It went really well and despite my despair that only 3 of the school choir turned up I was so impressed by the volume coming from the three that I christened them The Decibels!

Friday evening was spent in the local bar. I knew that Saturday would be a delayed start since at 1230 my beloved Chelsea would be playing Arsenal in the FA Cup. In the end I was disappointed with Chelsea who lost 2-1. I hurried to work after the final whistle and pulled together the resources I needed for the vigil Mass. A relaxed evening in followed with a veggie curry and a netflix film of doubtful pedigree.


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