Thursday 25 September

On Thursday I moved into my new apartment. I went first by car just to collect keys etc and then returned to share lunch with the pastor, a retired priest and a very active deacon. As I left lunch Kim, the housekeeper loaned me her son to assist with things and I was further blessed in that my employers gave me use of their ‘truck’ so we loaded my 8 boxes, a suitcase and a folding bed and away we went.

Rain was expected in the late afternoon so it was good to have got that done by 2.30pm. After collecting my new mobile I returned to the apt to unpack and then went out at 8pm to spend some money. In the event the heavens opened with a vengeance I had not expected and this made shopping a little more difficult. Sleep came early.

Friday began with a visit from the Verizon engineer to install my internet and TV services. Then I went shopping at WalMart for kitchen electricals. The voltage is different over here so all my stuff in Sheffield was redundant. After sorting those into the apt I rested a while and then at 5pm popped round to the lettings office where I was able to get details on the amenities of the apt village.

A fellow resident had informed them in the last hour that she had a sofa to give away so I showed an interest and exchanged phone numbers.

I had been recommended to try food shopping at Aldi which is a new thing in Florida, Tampa’s store being the first. I had a bit of trouble paying as they did not accept credit cards so it had to go through on my UK debit card. I filled the evening with more sorting and a bite to eat. BBC America was showing A Bond movie … they’re always reliable entertainment. I would be up early in the morning to inspect sofas!


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