Sunday 19 October

I managed to get out of bed at 0615 and to make it for the first Mass at 0730. This is not my best time of day … it’s better for the birds but I am getting used to it. It took me only 10 mins to get in to the church and all was good. I cantored and played organ/piano for the 0730 then played while Mary sang the 0930. the choir were in for the 1100 and they got positive comments from may worshippers. One of the choir even stayed on to serve as cantor for the 1230.

The 1100 also featured a blessing of couples who had been married for 50 years or more. I did wonder about those who had lost a partner but still remained faithful in marriage … perhaps another year! The choir added a blessing song and I played them out to the wedding march and switched on the bells!

I was back at the apartment by 2pm and strolled own to the pool but it was not so relaxing since a group of young uns had decided to party there. I must be getting old!

I may pop out to the local bar for a jar or two later on. I did imagine that I might give the apartment a tidy and maybe even attach the mirror to a bedroom cabinet or the table top more permanently to its support  but maybe this is just idle whimsy … it’ll get done sometime soon!

Well I did pop out, had a couple of beers and a hamburger and chips and then returned to watch ‘Angels & Demons’ washed down with a fine Italian.

Good night!


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