Tuesday 21 september

Dashed home from work to try to catch Chelsea thrashing the hell out of Molibor but must have got the times wrong and now have to amuse myself with playing catch up on the blog.

Yesterday was a day off so I did a bit of house tidying before going out to explore a nearby beach. It is located at Cypress Park just 11 minutes from my apartment. I could believe finding such a spot nestling between offices of the FBI and Homeland Security. Parking was free and apart from the noise from planes departing the nearby Tampa Intl it was indeed a peaceful spot.

I returned to the apartment pool for a dip as I was uncertain about the water at that beach. Then I nipped out for a bit of retail therapy … a beach chair, something to hold the iphone while driving, and some coffee cups which actually fit my coffee machine prize, awarded a few days ago.

I sat down to watch something on the box but started dozing off so decided to listen to my body and went to bed early.

As often happens, I overslept although I thought I had set the alarm clock! So I was in work at 0900 and able to sort a few things before a barrage of meetings and rehearsals. I left at 7.30pm tonight feeling good about the work done today.

I’ve started including American mis-spellings of perfect English words. This is a worrying trend for me … Am I losing my identity … or the plot?


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