Wednesday 22 October

A long but worthwhile day started at 0800 with set up for the weekly 0830 School Mass. The celebrant was brilliant and really engaged with the children as well as the memorial of Pope John Paul 2. After that I returned to the Office to complete the production of the Worship Aid (Order of Service) for this Sunday.

At 1100 I took a Skype call from fellow musician Paul Inwood. One of the things we mused on was the error of failing to buy things on credit. I had bought a car outright whereas had I done it by instalments I would have established a good credit history. I am penalised because I don’t like spending money I don’t have … I paid cash rather than use credit!

At 1230 we convened for the third occasion the group brainstorming about Advent. ‘Living the Unimaginable’ is our agreed theme and today I got to understand how it must have been for the participants of the 2nd Vatican Council … the cardinals closed the door and went into meetings the outcomes of which they cold never have imagined. we did the same and the outcome was very unimaginable. I can’t say more as we are keeping our musings under wraps until we will go public. Suffice it to say that if it comes to fruition it could be one of the most amazing advents and one in which the vision will last beyond the season.

After that I met up with the choir librarian and also some hefty men who would help me shift furniture and pianos etc. I had decided to make one of the four music rooms in the church into an equipment room, another into the music library, The bells room and upstairs rehearsal area would be looked at later. After 2 hours grafting there was a massive transformation to the spaces.

At 5pm I joined colleagues for Evening Prayer and then did some last minute prep for choir practice and sat down for a coffee. It was then that I recognised that I had forgotten lunch and relaxing for the first time today my tiredness hit me! A colleague playing the part of an angel brought be plate of food left over from an earlier Deanery lunch and this replenished me.

Choir practice was a good experience. We got through a lot of material and were able to get into some detailed work.

I returned to the office to send an email advising staff that I would not be in tomorrow until the afternoon and went home finding rest in Liverpool playing Real Madrid!


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