Thursday 23 October

Having completed some extended working hours over the last days I took the morning off for a bit of R&R. As I left the apt heading for the pool my next door neighbour was putting out some bedroom furniture for collection later. I expressed an interest and then moved a dresser and what over here they call a bed stand (bedside table!). Do they imagine you can put a bed ON it?

I did some reading by the pool, returned for lunch and then headed to the office at 3pm. I managed to complete the tasks I allotted myself and headed home around 830pm. I’d managed to get ahead with plans for All Saints and All Souls which was just as well and next week I have to do some major planning for an Evening Prayer and Blessing of Musicians of the St Petersburg Chapter of the National Pastoral Musicians. They will be meeting at St Lawrence. I also learned today that the brainstorming meetings for the Advent Gathering have now reached completion so, unless someone devises a further meeting of some sort, this additional time can be put to useful forward planning. It will be good to get ahead of most urgent stuff.


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