Monday 24 November

A day off is always welcome but this one started at 6am when I awoke and set about doing some home admin. In fact it was preparatory work for the tenant for my Sheffield mansion! I wrote to banks, utility companies and the letting agents and had it all sorted by 10am.

The clouds lifted at 11am and I enjoyed the rays for a while before popping down to the shops for some sheets, trousers, sewing kit and an iron. I bought an iron when I arrived but it was so cheap that it has already broken!

The news over here is relating tensions as the city of St Louis awaits the judge’s decision regarding the police response and subsequent killing of 18 year old Michael Brown by a white police officer. There will be an emotional response whatever is announced.

Now at 7pm I am knackered and doubt that I’ll survive even one film but here goes …


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